Wooden stairs

The main profile of our company is a production in a highest quality of wooden stairs. Nowadays, stairs play a very important role in our house, not only fuctional role but also can be very attractive and decorative furniture. That is why we do our best to link a beauty and functionality and the most important the safety. It is because our stairs should be solid and last for a very long time. In our offer you can find different kinds of wooden stairs. We produce buccal wooden stairs with loosen steps and also impose stairs. There are many possibilities of stairs, but it depends on the room they ought to be .We come to the client and make measurements and our qualified advisor will give you the best offer as possible connected with your expectations.


Each stairs are designer In a special programme called Compass Software Cad10. Our stair are always comfortable and esthetic. We pay a huge attention to the quality of product and hand-made service. Every satisfied and happy client is the best reward for us and it gives us more power and motivation to be the best. Our stairs can be done in every type of them: straight, simple or different shapes. They are all made of the best kinds of wood. We colour the stairs on a needed colour the clients wants and paints transparent lacquer resistant to scratches . There is also a possibility to paint the stairs with oil or vax..

A necessary element of stairs are balustrades. We offer you all types of them: wooden, noble steel and glass.

We guarantee :
-attractive prices
-very short terms of realization
-Professional stuff and advisors
-longstanding experience